A full turn-key process to deliver excellence.

To Maksons, beyond our knowledge and resources, true excellence comes from constant communication and listening to our clients.

Maksons understands a successful project is not only one that has been thoroughly planned with attention to detail, but one that adjustable at any moment. With our intelligent process we carry out manufacturing in parallel to reduce assembly time.

Makson’s fined tuned and comprehensive process has been honed to best meet the needs of your project.

Maksons understands success of any endeavour requires the initial stages to be meticulously planned. We support our clients by running over every detail to ensure that we are aligned at every stage.

Our team of experts in the estimation department present the viability of a project through their knowledge and expertise. They are tasked with fully understanding the requirements of the project in detail and potential challenges. Our clients can expect a rapid return of cost estimates and full scope review.

Project Proposal - Analysis and preliminary budget

  • Understand the project’s specific objectives and requirements, review plans and specifications
  • Set a preliminary schedule
  • Produce a precise, detailed cost estimate
  • Review scope with estimators, purchasing staff and project teams

Project Kick-off  -  Planning and launch

  • Review all plans in detail to identify any necessary corrective actions
  • Determine the planning, fabrication, and erection sequences
  • Identify areas where modifications may be required and suggest time Smart solutions
  • Have a pre‑project meeting with all key people involved
  • Review the statement of work and identify potential bottlenecks
3D Modelling

Clients plans received by Maksons are thoroughly reviewed by the design and modelling department.  Using the latest technologies every detail is analysed to output accurate workshop and installation drawings for complex structures.

3D Modelling

Our team use construction management software for 3d modelling on every project to confirm that every component is feasible and optimal. All models are periodically assessed by project collaborators, this everts potential conflicts from the very beginning and avoid issues on construction sites.

Our 3d virtual representations of steel structures allows for collaborators to analyse conflicts before fabrication begins, resulting time and cost savings.


Maksons team of engineers use their expert knowledge to execute requirement to guarantee a successful conclusion. Our teams share the common goal to deliver our clients excellence.

Engineering & Design

Maksons adaptable process means our engineers they rapidly implement new requirements. Our engineers are specialists accustomed to complex architectural projects.  Analysis of structural plans means that work is streamlined and conform to industry standards.

Special & Complex Products Experts

Projects that require complex steel pieces and assembly sequencing, Maksons has the team with the resources and skills to find ingenious solutions. Since complex architectural structures come with challenges our team of engineers, designers, and procurement specialist work seamlessly to keep project on track.


The Maksons 360° fine-tuned process has a remarkable fabrication capacity and state of the art manufacturing equipment, this along with our ability to adapt at moments notice sets us apart from our competitors. Regardless of the volume and the type of project we aim to deliver excellence to our clients.

People, process and equipment, all perfectly aligned for your success.

Towering Performance & Versatility

Maksons advanced production process is capable of delivering large scale projects. We have the equipment and workforce to handle a variety of productions that require the use of multiple travelling cranes concurrently.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Makson’s streamlined process would not be possible without the implementation of cutting-edge technology throughout a client project. Our fabrications equipment is cleverly setup to optimise and assembly. We can rapidly realign lifting equipment for specific applications allowing us to accommodate client requirements.

Delivery & Installation

After designing and manufacturing it’s time for the culminating moment, an execution on the plan to bring the clients ideas to life. Makson’s works with the best steel erectors that meet the highest standards in quality and safety.

Expert Steel Installers

Our partners meet our own set of standards and take rigorous security measures. They follow the industry standards and conform to all guidance from the Health and Safety Executive. All parties can rest assure that work will be carried with safety being of upmost importance. If there are any high technical requests made, we work with our collaborators to come up with effective solutions whilst ensuring we stay on schedule.


We use specialist and reputable transportation partners to coordinate and deliver safely material of any size.

Project Management

Maksons efficient operations are only possible by having an experienced project management team who understand the industry. These experts coordinate every aspect of the process to ensure everything aligns perfectly and is on time.

Maksons scrupulous project management is the glue that binds the different components of the process together. The importance of this team cannot be under-estimated , they layout the detailed plans and execute them with precision. Many of the management team and site supervisors come from working on construction sites and bring their experience to bear on every project. The utilisation of experienced engineers and site workers enhances the ability to remain a step ahead.

By harnessing the cutting-edge technology and the sharpest skill set, our process makes for unmatched agility and flexibility.