An Illustrious History

Maksons stands for expertise and quality in every steel solution it provides for its many clients. We deliver results from simple to complex projects with full turn key solutions.

Maksons, a family business with over 70 years of history

Maksons’ extensive knowledge and experience surrounding steelwork and metalwork, dates to over 7 decades ago. Our roots stem from blacksmithing from over a century ago, now we cater for all types of projects, and we specialise in structural steelwork and architectural metalwork.
Early 1900's

Maksons’ stem from blacksmithing background. The 1st generation of Makwana, Mr. Ranchod Teja Makwana was a blacksmith followed by his son, Hirji Ranchod Makwana, 2nd generation also a blacksmith throughout the 1900s. They carried out good old-fashioned forging and were distinguished blacksmiths in India.


Mr. Kanji Hirji Makwana, 3rd generation, established a wrought iron blacksmith business in Kenya and started the production & manufacture of goods, handling equipment such as trolley wheels, wheelbarrows, sac trolley, steel security products, etc.

1968 - 1972

Mr. Shantilal Kanji Makwana, 4th generation, studied mechanical engineering. Upon completing his studies, he started working at Gunson Sortex Ltd as a sheet metal engineer.


He later proceeded to move back to Kenya, Africa in 1972 to gain more practical experience in engineering. After working alongside his brother for 4 years, Mr. Shantilal Kanji Makwana decided to explore ventures in United Kingdom to start his own enterprise.


Mr. Shantilal Kanji Makwana, moved back to the UK and established K Maksons Ltd (formerly known as Makwana Engineering up until 2006). During this period Makwana Engineering designed, manufactured, and installed all types of architectural metalwork. Initially Mr Shantilal Kanji Makwana started off the company in a small garage at his home, this is where they were manufacturing and working from for about 2 years. After seeing the potential and room for growth they moved out into a growth workshop located in Wembley, United Kingdom.


Mr. Pritesh Makwana, the 5th generation, joined the business and expanded it by manufacturing automation gates, heavy duty security grills, stainless steel staircases & balustrade railings, fences, etc.


With a new fresh perspective, Mr Pritesh Makwana went through major rebranding and changed the name from ‘’Makwana Engineering’’ to ‘’K Maksons Ltd’’. At this stage, Mr Pritesh Makwana changed the business model drastically. Maksons transitioned from being a sole trader to being a private limited company and this was one of the many changes Mr. Pritesh Makwana introduced.

K Maksons also started structural steelwork for the construction industry for all over London. Started taking on large commercial projects all over London and expanded in order to cater for these projects. Maksons hired additional staff to handle these projects such as surveyors, designers, manufacturers, installers.


Maksons acquired ‘’South London Steel’’ and ‘’London Steel Staircases’’. After acquiring the companies, this gave Maksons’ access to a new clientele because of this Maksons’ performance and sales was increased significantly.


In 2018, Maksons had to relocate to new premise to facilitate the rapid growth. They expanded from a small workshop in Wembley and moved over to Southall, United Kingdom in a much bigger workspace to facilitate the larger projects and to boost production. This workshop is 8,545 square feet with modern machinery to help with production. With a crane to help move the heavy steel, Maksons continues to streamline its production methods, innovate and engineer.

2022... Onwards & Upwards