The Mesh House - Structural

A look into the Mesh House

  • Estimating of steel tonnage for estimator, give idea of Installation days, Gide for equipment requirement installation.
  • Site Survey, Coordinate with Architect, SE and Site contractor before start drafting.
  • Make 3D model in advance steel.
  • Submit 2D drawing output from advance steel for Approval of Architect, SE and Client.
  • Produce N.C file for Steel and connection plate, Bolt List, Material list and send to supplier for inquiry.
  • Produce fabrication drawing for workshop.
  • Steel inspection during time of fabrication in workshop.
  • Site setting out based on site reference grid line/coordinate.
  • Book suitable crane, cherry picker and relevant equipment for installation.
  • Make job sheet for installations.
  • Guide installer on site during installation.
March, 2020
London, UK